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Our Values

Empowerment, Freedom, Love… More than just words, our values define us & guide all of our choices. they are what drives us!

We Can Do Anything!


We believe moms, women can do anything!

One of our "raison d'être" is to empower moms, women worldwide. This is why we share our profits with women micro-entrepreneurs. By developing their own activities, these women are able to be improve their social status and support their family.

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At Label K, we have Freedom very much at heart. We believe every woman, every mom should be free, free to choose her life, her dreams, her way of being a mom, a woman, a human. We will support women as much as possible to increase women’s freedom worldwide


Let's love our-self and spread love all around us.

Self Love is not always easy but it is the first step to happiness! We are amazing just the way we are.

With Love we can do anything!

Love is all 🤍


Label K also means fun and good vibes!

Let's get loads of good vibes bring us to our Dream Life.


Being a mum is not easy every day but you are doing great! Being a mum is not easy every day but you are great! You are exactly the person your children need.


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