We Care for Women

One of the "raison d'être" of Label K is to support and empower moms, women worldwide.  We want to help them live their life more freely and get more chances to achieve their dreams.

Little Steps Make Big Differences

We share our profits to support micro-entrepreneur women; by creating or developing their own activities, these women are able to improve their social status and support their family.

Supporting micro-entrepreneur Moms

We decided to partner with one of the leader in empowering micro-entrepreneurs, KIVA. Since 2020 we have given more than 25.000€ to support women.

In the future, we want to double the amount given every year!

Isatu's Women Farmers Group

Isatu's female farmers are a group of women from Sierra Leone in Western Africa. Our support will enable them to enhance food access in their region. It will ensure all members children to go to school & will also be used to create a support fund for young female farmers.

Your Support is Special

For the purchase of each charm bracelet we donate 2€ to support women entrepreneurs ❤️.

Super Woman

Made in Belgium

Together, Let's Change the World

Every time you buy pieces of our collection, we give back to help moms, women. From the bottom of our heart we wanted to say thank you. 

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