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Essentials to Empower Women

Wearing Label K is a love statement to freedom, empowerment and style!

Committed to your dreams, we want to make your life easier, positive and stylish!

Label K's founder and Mom of 2

A word from Cath

Becoming a mom, I discovered all the stereotypes and injunctions associated to motherhood. Raising kids is one of the most beautiful adventures, but it is also very challenging! I created Label K to share lot of good vibes, support, celebrate and empower moms, women.

You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing!

We can do anything and we want to do it in style!

We believe moms, women can do anything.

We shine! We are Powerful. We are Kind. We are Beautiful. We are Strong. We are Amazing. We are cool Moms. We are Super Women.

We care

One of the "raison d'être" of Label K is to support and empower moms, women worldwide. We share our profits to help women create and develop their project. By developing their own activities, these women are able to improve their social status and support their family.

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Introducing the Label K Team!

By Women for Women

At Label K we believe that Women Can Do Anything and we are very happy to work among amazing women in our Brussels office.


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We share our profit to empower Women


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Free to-do list€100,00
Free Shipping€50,00
Free to-do list€100,00
Free Shipping€50,00
Free to-do list€100,00
Free Shipping€50,00
Free to-do list€100,00
Free to-do list€100,00
Free to-do list€100,00
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