The Label for Moms and Women to live their Dream-Life

We all are super women and super hero!

Label K is a fashion jewelry brand created by a mom for moms and women. Label K is about freedom, empowerment and style! We want to inspire you and make you feel good. 

Positive Jewelry Empowering Women!

Wearing Label K is a statement - a statement we believe moms and women can do anything. Super moms and women define their rules by themselves and we support each other in the process. Every mom should define her motherhood freely. 

Our icon is this hand drawn star . She is there to remind us that we are superheroes and that we have our own little star watching over us to help us get there. This star is you, drawn by hand, unique like you! You shine and we see you! You are Powerful. You Are Kind. You are Beautiful. You are Strong. You are Amazing. You are a Super Mom. You are a Super Women.

We want to do anything and we want to do it in style!

We share our profits to empower moms and women. Our mission is to empower moms and women so we will also do it within the company, from production to profit sharing. One of our key impact today is our profit sharing with one of the leader in empowering micro-entrepreneurs, Kiva. We are giving 10.000€ in 2021 to help moms launch their project. Discover more about our sharing profit program on the "positive impact" page.

Got any questions? Write to us at hello@labelk.com, we will be happy to exchange with you.