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Our positive affirmations for
International Women's Day

Every year on March 8th, we celebrate International Women’s Day, which is a day highlighting the struggle for women's rights, especially for the reduction of gender inequalities.

This year’s theme is “Equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”: regarding the environment, women are more vulnerable than men, but they’re also at the heart of climate action. They educate our generation and the next one, they defend the environment in order to create a sustainable tomorrow.

At Label K, we are a team of 9 women, so we are all very concerned by International Women's Day. Here is what we think is important to remember as women not only today but all year long:

We are free! Cath

“ Every woman, every mom should be FREE to choose her life, her dreams, her way of being a mom, a woman, a human. One of the "raison d'être" of Label K is to support and empower women, moms worldwide. We share our profits to help women live their lives more freely and get more chances to achieve their dreams."

We are strong! Salomé

“We often forget that women go through a lot. Being strong means being able to fight relentlessly. Even if you don't go through with it, just trying is proof of that strength.”

We are brave! Kalpana

“I have always admired the women who make history and assume their convictions in a society where they have been relegated to the background for too long. It is thanks to their courage that things are evolving and that mentalities are changing!”

We are beautiful! Christel

“Women are naturally beautiful, regardless of the beauty criteria defined by social networks and the media.”

We are independent! Vinciane

“I have very much at heart to accomplish things by myself. A lot of women are defined as « someone’s wife » « someone’s this » « someone’s that »... I believe we can all reach our goals on our own if that’s how we feel. We can accomplish anything, with or without support from anyone. We can accomplish our dreams, we can reach them, we are POWERFUL!”

We are benevolent! Emma

“It is important for me to be benevolent. Be kind to yourself and others to attract and reflect only the positive around you.”

We are funny! Camille

“It is important for me to point that not only men can make people laugh.

We are the future! Camille

“I think it is essential to consider women more in our society. We’ve seen in the past few years and decades that women can do big things and bring major changes. It is important to give them the opportunity to do so again in the future.”

We are unstoppable! Lola

“We all have bad days: when I’m feeling down, it makes me feel better to remember that we are unstoppable. It gives me strength to move forward!”


Share with us your most important affirmations about women!

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