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Maternity Ward Essentials Checklist

When you get ready for the big day, you might wonder what to pack for the maternity ward. You don’t want to forget anything important but you also shouldn’t bother with useless bulky things, since you will already come back home with a beautiful package weighing a few kilos 👶🏽.

This is why we’ve partnered with dozen of Label K’s moms to create the ultimate checklist and help you to see it more clearly and prepare the D-day in the best possible way! You’ll find all our essentials for you, your baby and your partner! Psst… some needs may be different from person to person, that’s why we’ve left blank spaces for you to add anything you can think of!

Download the list to prepare your maternity ward bag and let us know what you might add in the blank spaces to share some inspiration between moms! 🧠👜








 > Download the list

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