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Holidays at home? 🏠
A staycation is always a good idea!

Not planning to go anywhere but home this summer? No worries, we’ve got you covered to help you still make the most of it 😎 Let’s give yourself and your little family some time away from the frenzy of everyday life, because yes, you can totally relax without having to get on a plane or break your bank account!

More than ever before, we work from home, we dine at home, school is even sometimes given at home or at least there is often homework to do after school… 🤓 So you and your family are used to seeing those 4 walls and it could be great to find some fun ideas to break the routine a little bit during this staycation!

Remember that you can always find some nice things to do in the area, like outdoor activities, great walks,... But here are a few ideas for when you just feel like staying at home:

Stock up on ice creams and sorbets 🍧

Strawberry, lemon, mint… Whatever the flavour, it will definitely refresh the sunny days! Not even that warm? It doesn’t matter, who needs an excuse to enjoy a yummy ice cream?! You can even try and prepare your own, it’s not that difficult and the holidays are also definitely made to take the time to prepare delicious things we wouldn’t normally do!

Build a family hide out ⛺️

Build it in the living room or outside with what is at hand (cushions, sheets, sticks,...)! Everyday its homemade kind of hut: teepee, pirate ship, tent… As long as it’s possible to hide in it and to imagine an endless number of incredible worlds. The ones you build outside could also be perfect to spend the evening, in the cool of the end of the day!

Read a vacation book 📚

If you often say during the year that you don’t have time to read, this is the perfect occasion to catch on those travel stories, romance novels, thrilling or historical stories you have been piling up for months! You can choose holiday books that are easy to read and which will make you travel, dream or that will sometimes even move you. On the other hand, you can challenge yourselves with books you wouldn’t usually pick and maybe discover a new author or style!

Go for feel good outfits 👗

Get your feel good dressing out, and of course, the kids’ ones! Put on your favourite dresses, your tote bag that you love so much, a super cap, an accessory that spreads good vibes… Dig in even further and take the opportunity to wear the things who possibly don’t fit with your usual daily life! 

Play vacation music 🎼

What kind of music reminds you of your favourite vacation? Which album brings you so much joy that you know all the lyrics and sing it at the top of your voice? Music is so important, that’s why we created a We Can Do Anything playlist that might cheer you up and bring lots of good vibes! You can listen to it here, it’s perfect to revise some classics or to discover great new songs!  

Let’s dance together 👯‍♀️

Decompress from the stress of the speed of life by dancing like crazy! You can dance in the street, in the garden, on the bed… Dancing is a celebration of life and love! Bring everyone with you, and you will laugh a lot and dance happily all together!

Are you also spending the holidays at home? Share your best tips and activities to enjoy it whatsoever! We wish you a wonderful summer 🦜🕶

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