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Our 7 Summer Essentials 🏄🏾‍♀️🌅

"Sun is shinin' in the sky, there ain't a cloud in sight" 🎼🌞

YAY, it's finally summer time!

This certainly means lots of fun and happy moments with your loved ones, and creating precious memories!

Summer is for enjoying holidays abroad or even day-trips closer to home, having long walks under the sun or in the cool of the evening, watching breathtaking sunsets, spending quality time with your friends or family but also taking time for yourself, and so on! 

There are so many possibilities and you wouldn't want to be under-equipped to make the best of these beautiful months! Find out our 7 Summer Essentials:

1. Tote Bag L⚡ve • Denim

Our tote bag is so convenient to slip in everything you need for a summer getaway!

2. Pouch • Denim

Going for a walk on the beach? Trying to organize your suitcase? You can also just slip it in your bag to keep all your little treasures close!

3. Love Cap • Dark Blue

Sun is up and the best way to enjoy it is cautiously, so protect yourself from its rays while spreading lots of love! 

4. Headband • White Bandana

Use it to create a stylish summer hairstyle: a cute bun, a classy braid or even a more sophisticated hairstyle!

5. Dreams are Calling • Cell phone jewelry

Keep your phone close to photograph these happy summer memories! 

6. Scrunchie • Pink Silk

Put your hair up with a cute scrunchie to keep cooler during hot weather or wear it around your wrist to add an original touch to your style! Be ready to look amazing!

7. Summer Dance ☆ Look

A few bracelets to remind you to enjoy the summer to its fullest! On the beach, at home, on holiday... Let's dance!

We wish you a wonderful summer, lots of shared moments but also of well-deserved self care time 🥰

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