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Welcome to the sparkling world of Label K! We're delighted to introduce you to a unique new experience: Label K in-home sales, which combine conviviality with the discovery of powerful jewelry and accessories.

At Label K, we believe that all women are beautiful and can achieve anything - and our jewelry and essentials are designed to inspire and empower moms, women! We also believe that the most special moments are the ones shared. That's why we created our in-home sales, an intimate way to discover our empowering collections while creating lasting memories.

We Can Do Anything

Imagine yourself surrounded by your friends, in the comfort of your own home, exploring a selection of jewelry and essentials adorned with powerful and inspiring phrases. Our in-home sales are more than just an event, they are an invitation to remember that we can achieve anything and in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Want to join the adventure?

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Autonomy, Freedom, Love... More than just words, our values define us and guide all our choices. If you share these values and love our jewellery, contact us to join the adventure!

Organise your first workshop

You're the one who decides when the workshop takes place! Friends, colleagues, neighbours, school moms... invite people to come and see the jewelry & essentials. Have a great time!

Benefit from exclusive advantages

Receive X% commission on sales made during the workshop! We'll also spoil you with a little present for your birthday and exclusive discounts on our collections.

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