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Let's celebrate all kinds of Love!
❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and at Label K, we think it’s important to encourage every person to celebrate Love, no matter their relationship status.

Over the years, it is clearly no longer simply a couple’s celebration! So let’s forget the "still single?!" questions around that day particularly and remember that every life journey is unique and you surely don't need to compare yours to others!

Leave the commercial side of this celebration behind and take the opportunity to show some Love instead! Partner, family, friends,... Take this opportunity to show how much your close ones mean to you, or even to Love yourself!

We believe every kind of Love is worth celebrating and highlighting, no matter what your celebration looks like and who you share it with!

Here’s how we think Love can be celebrated:

💌 In your own (very pleasant) company: self love, more than ever before!

If you like the idea of doing something special anyway (because otherwise, let's face it: it's a perfectly normal day), you can, for example, treat yourself to a good meal and enjoy your favourite TV show. Our advice is to avoid social media as it can be full of content of couples you might not want to see.

Spoil yourself with a cute gift or a well-being moment like a massage or a face treatment.

Our team gift idea: our Self Love Ring • Gold is here to remind you how important it is to take care of yourself!

💌 With wonderful friends and family: the perfect opportunity to come together!

We love the idea of spending a lovely moment together (a food and chill night, a creative activity, a self-care moment together such as a spa day, a photoshoot, plan a day or a weekend in another city,...). Or even just a text message to share some Love: happiness is in the simple things, right?

If you still want to offer them a gift, you can discover our Love gift sets:

Cute Love • Gift Set

Super Love • Gift Set

Infinite Love • Gift Set

Our team gift idea: go for a matchy-matchy look with your best friend, or your sister for example, with our I Love You Bracelet • White charm!

💌 With your incredible partner: not only on Valentine’s Day, but every day of the year!

Obviously, all the ideas listed above can be used! Try planning something different from your usual dates to mark the occasion!

If you’re looking for a lovely gift idea for the one parenting with you, we’ve also created parents themed gift sets:

Parents Rock • Duo

Team of Super Moms • Duo

Team of Super Dads • Duo

Our team gift idea: offer something useful such as our My Amazing Week • Weekly Block Planner (50 sheets), which is perfect to plan your week simultaneously and stay motivated to reach your dream life together!

What about you? How and with whom will you be celebrating Love this year?

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