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How to feel better during Winter?

We all know those long Winter evenings under the blanket, trying to remember the feeling of the sun on our skin, watching the rain pouring outside with a bowl of steaming soup… During the Winter, there might be fewer exciting things to do and we might want to hibernate a bit more! ☃️

Let’s be honest, we count down the days that separate us from Spring 🌷. But luckily, it is also possible to find joy in the Winter, and we noticed it is often found in the little things! 

Here are some of our team’s ideas to feel better during those cold months:

“Watch your favorite funny series” – Camille

Friends, The Office, How I met your mother, Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine… You shouldn’t struggle too long to find a great and funny series! And if you’ve seen them all, just pick an episode randomly, you should still have a good laugh!

“Recharge your batteries with a yoga session” – Salomé

Thanks to the Internet, you can also do your sport at home. You just have to find the energy to do it, but you'll feel so good after!

“Bake some cookies or an apple pie to share with your loved ones” – Lola

… or just eat it all!

Our team ideas to feel better during Winter
“Plan your next weekend or vacation” – Emma

You can already picture yourself on that amazing beach or wandering in that gorgeous city? Then you should definitely book this trip!

“Add as much whipped cream as possible to your hot chocolate” – Vinciane

Comfort also means food, of course, and more specifically comfort food! So obviously we're not going to do things by halves!

“Remember your favorite moments with photos” – Cath

There’s nothing best than seeing your loved ones smile or reliving nice moments that brought you joy!

“Take a walk in the forest for some fresh air” – Christel

Even if it’s cold, the fresh air is just so pleasant (and let’s be honest, it’s then even nicer to return to the warmth of home). And nature is super pretty during the Winter as well!

Team ideas to feel better during winter

Share with us your best tips to overcome Winter!

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