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The time capsule:
a meaningful gift idea for your little one 💝


Translation: "I also chose this pretty ring from the "Freedom" collection that I won't keep for myself. I put it in the time capsule we created for Célestine's first birthday. She will have a nice present the day she turns 18."

At Label K, the whole team was super moved by Justine’s absolutely wonderful and lovely idea! We thought this project of setting up a meaningful gift over the years for a child's eighteenth birthday is so special and touching 🥹. 

We hope that Célestine will love her Freedom ring when she receives it and that it will give her strength in her life, but also that it will help her believe that every woman should be free to choose her life, her dreams, her way of being a woman, a human! ✊

So today we are taking the opportunity to bounce off this time capsule idea! Imagine the emotion, for a young adult at such a turning point in their life, old enough to realise that this has been prepared for years, just for them, as a surprise 🥰.

We have thought of a few variations if you ever decide to embark on such a project! Oh and by the way, if your child is already a few years old, it’s obviously never too late to start!

  • The box full of love 🎁


This is the classic time capsule idea!

The first step is to find a nice (and resistant!) box in which you can store the things you want to give to your child when they turn 18.

The second step is to decide what kind of things you want to collect: small gifts, souvenirs, photos...

The third and most difficult step is to hide the box and keep it secret for the next years!

  • The visual evolution 📓

A photo album of your child's first 18 years will undoubtedly make them super happy! Also, the photos on your phone will be safe in case you lose them and you will enjoy them more than on your screen, so this is the perfect solution!

Try to be thorough with the album so that it is as complete and accurate as possible: write the exact dates with the context, the places, the people in the photos.

You can also write some lines between the photos with new big steps such as "this day, you walked for the first time!" or things like that!

Personalise it as much as possible: it will be such a special bunch of memories and evolutions to enjoy together afterwards!

  • The musical memories 🎼

This is a non-material idea and surely the quicker one: create a playlist where you add your song of the moment or the songs you listen to together, the songs with which you have special memories together. You can set a reminder every few months to add a song to the playlist!

You might want to write the songs on a paper or somewhere safe where you won’t lose it (you never know if your current music applications will still exist in the next few years).


What do you think about these ideas? Is it something you would enjoy setting up? Don’t hesitate to share any similar idea you have! 💚

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