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Aisling D'Hooghe, goalkeeper of the Belgian field hockey team & Mom of 1

If you had to share one message to convey the most important thing you learned that helped you get to your dream life, what would it be?​

My tip is to listen to myself and only myself, and not try to do things right for the others. We always want to do so much for the others because we like to give them joy and happiness, but sometimes it’s just not possible. They won’t be mad at us and the next time we will be there in a better way. It’s difficult, but we have to dare to say “not this time”. 

At Label K, we value that every Mom should be free to decide her kind of motherhood. How would you define yours?​

A chill way! As a Mom, I am the same person, I try not to change too much. I try to be a Mom but still to be all the other things I am. WhenI’m at hockey, I’m a hockey player. When I’m at work, I’m a worker. When I’m with my friends, I am a friend. When I’m with my son, I’m100% a Mom.

How do you manage to find a balance that works for you?​

I’m not afraid to ask for help: I have a lot of help from my family and my friends. I’m not really afraid that people think it’s complicated forme sometimes! Otherwise, the important thing for me is to be the best I can be and not to care too much about what people think. I try tobe as good as I can be and at the end for my son, I’m the best Mom I can be for him. So I just try to do everything that feels good for meand try to push myself. My parents are there for my son, so we can find some moments only for the two of us with my husband. But Iwon’t lie: I really like to have moments where I am all alone, not talking to anybody, just staying on my couch.

Do you have a kid product that you found really helpful?​

We took the plane when my son was 4 months old to go on vacation, and we bought a kind of mini-bed that you can fold afterwards. It’snot too big so it was perfect in the plane, he had his little space. And when we went to the beach, we also took it so that he could sleep init and be on the ground with us. It was areal lifechanger! I can’t use it anymore because it’s too small for him now, but one of my bestfriend just became a Mom so I could give it to her. Now I bought something else for the plane: it’s like an inflatable pillow that you putbetween the chair before and the kid’s chair, and he can lay down on it.

Her powerful look

Made in Belgium

Find her on instagram : @aisling.dhooghe21


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