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Our top tips for a smooth return to work/school 💼

The end of summer is officially here and it means it's time to get back into the swing of things! You sure enjoyed the holidays, the sunshine and the slower pace of summer but now, let’s get back to it! 💪🏾

However, it's not always easy, and we often get carried away by the hustle and bustle of everyday life… 😵‍💫

How can you ensure that the transition after a lovely summer is as smooth as possible? We've put together a few tips to try and help you! 🧾


Pick up the pace gradually!

  1. Get back into a good routine, and try to get straight back into it so that everything is up and running again after a few days.
  2. Start thinking about your goal(s) for the next months because let's face it, resolutions aren't just for the new year!
  3. Find the right balance between the attention you need to pay to your work and your personal life.
  4. Plan the days ahead to anticipate and keep up with the pace of daily life (why not try batchcooking?!).


Enjoy the little things!

  1. Try keeping some holidays habits for a while if you'd like: it’s still summer time for a few weeks so let’s keep enjoying it by doing things such as enjoying a nice ice cream in the evening, going for a walk after work/school or watching a beautiful sunset!
  2. Keep in mind the great upcoming moments that bring you joy, for example Christmas which is only a few weeks ahead!
  3. Motivation is all around: with an empowering lock screen, a pretty to-do list or a weekly planner, let’s keep up with the good vibes and organisation!


Get rid of the working-Mom guilt!

  1. If you’re a Mom, you might feel a bit of guilt: try not to! Easy to say but so important: you're in the right place when you're working and you’re the Mom your kid(s) need(s) you to be when you’re with them!
  2. Going back to school will certainly be a huge deal for your kid(s) as there are a lot of emotions coming all of a sudden after a lovely summer break: support them as best you can to ensure a smooth transition for everyone and a better general mood at home.
  3. Don’t forget to focus on yourself as well, the dreams you have and the projects you would like to carry out and that obviously can still exist when you are a Mom!


We hope you’ll find your rhythm for this back to work/school that can certainly be stressful. Remember that you can do anything! 💥

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