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Label K x Know Your Lemons: the 12 signs of breast cancer

October 12th is international Know Your Lemons day! 🍋🍋

A date chosen for a reason: did you know that there are no fewer than 12 signs of breast cancer?

The best-known sign is undoubtedly the hard lump but it is essential to draw attention to the other 11: 

By self-examining each month, you may notice changes in your breasts more easily. When found in its earliest stage, breast cancer is nearly 100% survivable and it is because survival rates vary according to stage that it is strongly recommended to self-exam frequently.

You may be wondering when is the best time to do it: a few days after the end of your period, when you are less sensitive or swollen. Don't have your period? Do it the first day of the month!

A common misconception about breast cancer is that it is mainly contracted by women with a family history of the disease, when in fact only 15% of women have a family history of breast cancer. That means 85% are the first person in their family to be diagnosed with the disease. There are two important points to be made: firstly, you can get breast cancer on both your mother's and father's sides as you get genes from both parents. Also, if you have a first-degree relative (parent, sibling, or child) who has had breast or ovarian cancer, it doubles your risk.

In addition to family history, a few things might increase your risk for breast cancer among which having dense breast tissue or getting older. That is why it's important for you to keep abreast of any changes throughout your life and report anything unusual to your doctor.

In conclusion, we must try to be rigorous with self-exam by including it in our routine but also, convince the women we care about to do so. To help us get it right and, above all, remember it, the Know Your Lemons Foundation created a wonderful app that we encourage you to download as soon as possible! It can really save lives!

For breast cancer awareness month in October, Label K is donating €1 for each order to the Know Your Lemons Foundation for equitable breast health education and the early detection of breast cancer.

Knowing your breasts by doing a self-exam each month is crucial for early detection of breast cancer. Let's be part of the better breast health movement by doing a self-exam every month! The Know Your Lemons app will send you a reminder each month to help you create the perfect breast health routine.

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