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Back to school/work:
how to be well organised?

We hope you had the best summer ever, either you travelled to a gorgeous place or just relaxed for a few days at home! 🌞 It is now time to think about school or work as being your everyday life again, to get back to your good old habits and to the great projects you put on hold while being off! 🤓

It’s true that after the holidays and the slower life of the summer, get your rhythm back might not always be easy and you sure want to make this switch as smoothly as possible.

We gathered a few ideas that could help you be – and stay! – well organised, in your habits at school or at work, but also in your personal life or even in your head:

Know when you are the most productive

Over the years, you have had to learn more about how you operate. Are you more likely to focus on complicated tasks in the morning? Should you plan easier tasks in the afternoon? Or is it the other way around? 🕓 It’s different for every person, so pay attention to it and you will quickly be able to organise your day in the most intelligent way possible.

Use some motivating stationery and a cute desktop organizer wallpaper

Those are fun and visual ways to have an overview of what’s important, a list of everything you have to do, things you have to remember… for the upcoming day/week/month 📖. Make it super empowering by adding some quotes, and by using a colour for each topic! Don’t forget to tick the tasks you’ve finished, it should bring you the motivation to keep going! Click here to download the desktop organizer wallpaper we created!


Find your perfect daily routine

By setting up good habits and a schedule to your day, you help your brain to get used to a good organisation and it makes it all easier 🧠. Try to wake up and go to bed at around the same time every weekday. If you like to do sport, plan your trainings at a certain moment of the day. In the evening, avoid all screens from a certain hour to do something relaxing, like reading a book. Also, and that’s an important one, plan a moment just for you at least once during the day.

Tidy up and clean to start the next day on the right foot

Every day is a new one and you want to start it in the best possible state of mind. To do so, there are things you can do at the end of each day that will definitely ease the organisation of the next one. For example, you can make sure to leave a clear desk (when leaving the office or at home if you’re homeworking), clean your house a bit by not putting off that pile of dishes, prepare breakfast or lunch in advance,… By doing things little by little, this will prevent you from having a lot to do in one go! You can do it while listening to an inspiring podcast, or while thinking about all the great things you did that day and be proud of you! 👏

Focus on one thing at a time

… or you will get lost! 😣 You should complete a task before embarking on the next one. Also, don’t put too many big tasks on the same day as you certainly won’t be able to be satisfied of yourself and will get frustrated. Don’t hesitate to start your day by listing the things you have to do and to rank them by order of importance and urgency. This way, if you can’t do it all, you will at least have done the most essential ones!

Get moments away from your phone

It is very tempting to hang out on social media – or any other app – for hours, but it can be a huge waste of time ⌛️. Put your phone away or in airplane mode to avoid doing it and to stay focus when you really need to! And of course, this goes for all kinds of distractions that are specific to you.

Avoid procrastination and plan ahead

There might be tasks you enjoy a little bit less, however you should not postpone them! Instead, just do them right away so that you can move on to things you prefer. In parallel to that “focus on the present day” idea, try to always have the next days in mind to plan everything you can. For example, depending on how you function, you can already decide the menu of the next few days and do the groceries accordingly to avoid having to do them too often 🛒. We swear it will be a time saver!

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

There might be super good days and not so good days regarding your productivity and organisation. Don’t worry, you’ll get there! Just don’t be too hard on yourself, we are human after all and there is always room for improvement. Check out our empowering bracelets that will always remind you that you can do anything: I Can & I Will, Dream Life in the Making, I Totally Can and many more! Also, don’t forget to reward yourself when you did good, it will certainly motivate you a lot and you’ll know you deserved it! 🥳


What about you? Do you easily manage to get your rhythm back after the holidays? Share your best tips to be and stay organised 🤓.

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