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7 ideas to make this Mother's Day one to remember!

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to show some love to our Moms! They rock and deserve to be spoiled 🤍! In need of some inspiration to celebrate your amazing Mamma? Here are a few of our team ideas to make this Mother's Day one to remember! 

« Go on an adventure together. » Camille

A day at the seaside, in a nearby town she loves or wishes to discover... It doesn’t have to be super far away or long: you can actually do and see a lot in one day! If you can, take the train rather than the car so that you all can enjoy the landscape 🌅.

« Cook a nice breakfast for her. » Lola

Food is always a good idea. Any Mom will love to start hey day with a nice breakfast prepared wth Love! Don’t hesitate to go further by preparing all meals of the day! 

«  Prepare a cute photo album. » Salomé

Juggle between some old and recent photos, write down some souvenirs, some quotes you like... It will ask a little but of time but it will definitely fills her heart with good vibes.

« Let your creativity speak and organize a small performance. » Christel

That’s an idea for the little ones… Although 🧐! There’s absolutely no age limitation to organize a cute dance or a small show. If you and your siblings are from several generations, it will be even cuter!

« Gather the family together. » Camille

If you have siblings and that they each have their own life and schedule, it’s not always frequent and easy to gather everyone together. Organize with them to block a date to spend some time together around Mother’s Day: you could go on a walk, prepare an afternoon snack, a picnic or a dinner 🤗

« Book a mother/daughter activity. » Emma

It’s even better if it’s something unique you don’t usually do together: a pottery or ceramics class, a painting class, a cooking class… Some easier ideas to organize are to go shopping together or to go to her favourite restaurant.

« Surprise her with a Label K Mother’s Day gift set. » Vinciane

For this special occasion this year, we've created magical gift sets! It’s the perfect gift to share loads of love with all the amazing Moms out there.

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Free Shipping€50,00
Free to-do list€100,00
Free to-do list€100,00
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