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Katerina, alias Not Only K, interior designer & Mom of 1

How do you manage to find a balance that works for you?​

Organisation and structure are definitely the keywords that allow me to find my balance, my freedom, but also to have some time for myself. And also ultimately, the feeling of being at peace with myself, being happy to play the role of mom and therefore never feeling like I have to do without something or have to "sacrifice myself".

Do you have a kid product that you found really helpful?​

It always depends on the age. At every age, there was one particular toy, book or activity that was very helpful. But basically, it's less about "products" and more about the way we enable a child to learn to occupy themselves. Whether alone, with friends or with his mom. I never wanted to be an animator for my child, but to give him the opportunity and teach him to develop freely and to look for his own world of play, to create it. I also wanted to show him that boredom leads to creativity and opens up new worlds of thought. And I succeeded.

If you had to share one message to convey the most important thing you learned that helped you get to your dream life, what would it be?​

Always remain authentic, never try to be someone else, listen to your inner feelings and give up the illusion of wanting/having to please everyone.

At Label K, we value that every Mom should be free to decide her kind of motherhood. How would you define yours?​

Not every mom is free to choose how she wants to shape her motherhood; some are almost trapped due to relationship patterns or even financial circumstances and are forced into a pattern of society. I am lucky to have the opportunity to decide and I am grateful for that. I love being a mom, even though it is definitely the most challenging job of my life and it forces me to evolve and work on myself every day. For me, it is very fulfilling and yet I am also still a wife, friend and much more. What is essential for me is to shape the role of my life to the best of my ability, to give my best and still remain myself.

Her powerful look

Find her on instagram : @not.only.k


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