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3 women, 3 brands for a collaboration Made in Belgium

Mother's Day is a special time to celebrate the women who have given us love and support throughout our lives. For the occasion, we are very happy to collaborate with 2 other Belgian brands! Like Label K, Pollen Atelier and Cokoa were founded by passionate women who share the same desire to bring joy into people's lives and want to have a positive impact on the world around them.

Interview between Cokoa, Label K and Pollen Atelier.

With Anaïs Gaudemer, Catherine Blondiau and Aurélie Theunis.

Let's meet!

Aurélie Theunis, the creator of Pollen Atelier, has found fulfilment in working with flowers. Very creative and always with an eye for detail, she realises incredible floral dreams.

Cokoa was born from Anaïs Gaudemer's dream of sharing her two passions. Landscape architect by training and a pastry lover, she created Cokoa, a reference in the field of floral pastry in Belgium.

Aware of the injunctions associated with motherhood, and driven by a desire to help women build their path and find their own balance, Cath created Label K, to celebrate and empower moms, women.

What are the 3 words that best represent your brand?

Anaïs: Floral, Aesthetic, Modern.

Aurélie : Creativity, Modernity, Craftsmanship.

Cath: Empowerment, Joy, Freedom.

What drives you on a daily basis?

Cath: Contribute even a little bit to a fairer, more equitable world.

Aurélie : The sometimes very creative project requests of my clients & meeting the team every morning!

Anaïs: Sugar! No I'm joking... the creation of new flavours!

What's your next big challenge?

Aurélie : The creation of a flower bar for Sézane! Let's get started!

Cath: Continue to improve the collections and their positive impact in order to be always more responsible!

Anaïs: A Cokoa Pop Up Store!


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